Jimmie Bishop Announces His Growing Music Career and Desire to Create Music People Can Relate To

Jimmie Bishop Announces His Growing Music Career and Desire to Create Music People Can Relate To

Musical artist from Riverside, California Jimmie Bishop is advancing his music profession steadily and collaborating with friends and associates to create quality songs about reality

Independent artist and music producer Jimmie Bishop is proud to announce the growth of his music career. The artist collaborated with his longtime friend and fellow rapper, ZackTheHero, on a song titled “Going Up”, featuring AL-X The Great.

Jimmie Bishop loves to sing and rap about personal experience and life, just like Kendrick Lamar. He believes that singing about such topics makes the song relatable and allows the listener to learn from the artists’ stories.

Growing up was challenging and adventurous for Jimmie. He’s passed through a lot in his life, including facing obstacles trying to build his music career and getting involved in an accident while trying to save his friend. Yet, he’s able to pull through and establish a growing career path for himself.

Jimmie Bishop grew up in the Mission Groove Area of Riverside, California. The place was a melting point where many people from different backgrounds and ideologies met. Jimmie took an interest in video games, sports, and other physical activities. Those were the days when people could stay outside until the street lights came up without worrying about safety.

While growing up, Jimmie Bishop was exposed to different kinds of music. His dad was a fan of Jay Z and played Neptunes, Pharrell, Murphy Lee, T.I., Nelly, and Michael Jackson. His mom was into all things gospel music while his sister was into radio and 2000s R&B. In 2008, his parents got him a laptop and iPod shuffle, which exposed him to more music and allowed him to listen to what he liked. He started listening to more music, writing songs, and freestyling with his cousin and friend.

Then their church had a music workshop where they learn so much about making music professionally. This helped expose Jimmie to the art of producing beats and making music. He collaborated with his friend Zack, and they started recording and making songs to YouTube beats in their garage. They recorded more than 100 songs there.

In 2017, Jimmie got hit by a car while trying to help his friend get out of his car after an accident. This was a challenging period in his life as he had to fight through pain for several weeks and months. Jimmie hopes to be signed to a label one day so he can focus on making music.

Working with friends to release songs is still something he loves so much and will continue to do. He’s also planning to release singles and continue to build his fanbase of people who love to listen to music that tells stories about life and reality.

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