In recent years, a new way of doing marketing began, influencer marketing currently is thriving among the brands, from the biggest and well-known brands to the little ones that are starting. Most of them are sponsored by big celebrities, Hollywood actors or Champions League soccer players. 

In the city of Dubai, a young businessman is taking this industry to a new level, Ahmad Mahmood, with only 19 years old is known in the Middle East as the richest kid of Dubai, showing his luxurious lifestyle on Instagram from quirky pets such as lions or tigers to golden cars, Ahmad is also known as a successful entrepreneur, at-present he is owner of a influencer marketing management agency called Plug Media, working with relevant brands such as Colgate, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, among others, he applies marketing influencer strategies to take this brands to the next level, with a skillful teamwork and a natural his natural leadership ability, those are the keys that have made his agency one of lead-agencies in the region. 

Ahmad has experience in this branch of the marketing industry, he charms the city of Dubai with his content on his social networks, from Instagram to YouTube, spaces where he was with a wide range of big names like Logan Paul or Tyga and big celebrities like Floyd Mayweather and Cristiano Ronaldo. It may seem a sheer extreme of opulence lifestyle but behind it also there is a story of perseverance, hours of hard work and a vision. At the age of 14, Ahmad took his first steps in the business world while he was working with his uncle at Deals on Wheels, in the Marketing Area, Ahmad was able to contact influencers and organize visits to the showrooms, that was the first glance of Ahmad in the marketing industry world. Then, with only 16 years, he decided to undertake a business by himself, it was the beginning of Sneakermania, an online platform to sell sneakers shoes, in that time he did a few giveaways on Instagram that got a lot of attention for his business and brought many clients. As a result, Ahmad decided to open his pop-up shop in Dubai for several days, becoming hugely popular and successful.

Nonetheless, this is not enough for Ahmad, currently he is planning how to expand his agency and at the same time he is sketching new projects of business in other branches such as real-estate, big ambitions from a talented young entrepreneur that is groundbreaking the way of doing business in one of the most dynamics and avant-gardists cities of the planet. When we asked Ahmad any advice for kids who want to follow his steps, he responds “My advice for kids is to be disciplined, discipline is an important value, it teaches you that is necessary to sacrifice certain things to become successful in the future, the harder you work in life, the more fortunate you become”. Without any doubt we will hear more about Ahmad in the coming years, a visionary young man that is redrawing the way of doing business.

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