When Will Party Goers get To Dance to A Hot New Single By New York City’s DJ Beyond?

When Will Party Goers get To Dance to A Hot New Single By New York City’s DJ Beyond?

The nightclub scene of New York City was at its peak in the years before the pandemic. Once it occurred, all of it was put to a pause but the DJs found different ways of getting in touch with their fans. Several DJs took this time to work on single tracks and release them from home. The winner of the Best Blend Dj by the Urban Mixx Awards, DJ Beyond chose not to do this so let us get to know his reasons for this.

Damian Perez Jr. or DJ Beyond says, “Releasing my track is in my list of things to do but not for now. I’m working on my entrepreneurial side of things for now. I wasn’t supposed to tell you this news so early but I’m very interested in starting my record label. All the experience I have had working with singers has sparked my interest.” His influence in the New York Clubs scene has given him the chance to work with big names like Ne-Yo, Sean Paul, and Cardi B. It seems like he wants to try his luck at record producing as he has seen the industry up close and personal. He has also worked with Lo Maximo Productions in 2013.

DJ Beyond has played at NYC clubs like Stonewall, Limelight, and Webster Hall. His distinguished blending skill has gotten him the Best Blend DJ by Urban Mixx Awards. He adds, “The thing I’m known best for is how I blend tracks when I’m on stage and save the tempo of the party from breaking. For a DJ to make his original track is no joke. If I’m going to do it, it’ll be all in or nothing. My present life and the past couple of years have been crazy busy and I haven’t find the right amount of time to pursue this. ”

The DJ is very versatile and isn’t a one-trick pony. He tests himself in every kind of avenue. His interest and in television and skills have featured him in famous television shows like VH1’s Love & Hip Hop, WE TV’s Bridezilla, MTV’s Wild n Out, and BET’s Rap City.  This has sparked up a whole new interest in him. “Whenever I was being filmed for TV, It felt pretty natural to me. It is no secret that television is almost dead now so I haven’t found appearing on television any good for some years now. What I plan on doing is to make a web series. One topic that attracts me for this is the lives of DJs and the controversies that come with it. However, I cannot announce anything officially at the moment.”

Another thing that keeps DJ Beyond very busy is his family life. He said in the end, “Whenever my family needs me, I don’t see if it’s day or night, I’m busy or not, I just leave everything and go there. It is not like my family is holding me down, they are the reason I am here today.” His father Alfonzo Perez was the first one who saw his talent and his mother Venus Ortiz gifted him two turntables as a present for Christmas when he was 15.

You can connect with DJ Beyond on Instagram at @djbeyond.

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