Jimmy Geib, A Marketing Mastermind Fighting Chronic Health Issues While Changing The E-commerce Industry

Jimmy Geib, A Marketing Mastermind Fighting Chronic Health Issues While Changing The E-commerce Industry

How well you did in school or how many marks you received doesn’t always decide your success. It also doesn’t rely on where you were born or who your parents are. The deciding factors include; attitude, passion, and dedication. 

You don’t have to be a specific type of individual to be successful, contrary to common opinion.

For many entrepreneurs money isn’t always the goal, while it can be an extra incentive, many young entrepreneurs strive to make a difference, rather then for financial gain. It can take a lot of time, energy, and dedication to create and run an enterprise. This means spending long nights and missing family events to do extra research and finishing tasks on time. 

Entrepreneurs take risks and spend their lives constructing their dreams into reality, they are people who jump on an opportunity and work until they succeed.

The world is in the middle of a thriving online economy and entrepreneurs are also shifting the e-commerce industry. Efficient digital marketers, web designers and business strategists have been needed in order to meet the digital worlds needs. One of these entrepreneurs is known as 22-year-old Jimmy Geib, who’s passion and vision is changing the e-commerce industry with new marketing techniques.

Jimmy Geib has worked in various industry’s for the last 7 years, including; Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Branding, and Development. Jimmy Geib is an internet entrepreneur, online marketer and business consultant. 

Jimmy Geib is the founder of two businesses, ‘LifeMavin’ and ‘Geib Unlimited’. Jimmy is one of the many developers behind many popular websites. 

From childhood, Jimmy was highly ambitious and studied internet culture and trends throughout his high school career, leading him to concentrate his energy on the specific field as a full time business. After creating a few websites for friends he soon realized his potential and decided to grow a team of skilled and motivated entrepreneurs, like himself.

His trip to the top didn’t come easy, though. On his way to glory, the New York based entrepreneur faced steep hurdles. At age 13, Jimmy’ was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disease that weakens and damages various parts of the body. At age 21 Jimmy went through 9 surgical operations; he fought. Jimmy’s was then diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease during one of his many hospital stays.

Jimmy Geib has earned a following of over 90 thousand fans on TikTok with his creative ideas while in the hospital. While he had to conduct business out of a hospital bed for several months, Jimmy never gave up his dream of success. 

Amid the burden of operations and health issues, he continued his work 

in the right direction. This fighting spirit lead other businessmen to embrace his ideas and help make his visions a reality. 

Jimmy is an inspiration to many other disabled entrepreneurs, he has catapulted his fighting spirit into the lives of many around him. Passion is key and it leads to having a good fighting spirit.

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