Jio and Qualcomm Collaborating on Affordable 5G Smartphone: Expected Pricing

Jio and Qualcomm Collaborating on Affordable 5G Smartphone: Expected Pricing

Qualcomm, one of the biggest chip manufacturers in the world, has its sights set on the Indian market. The business apparently intends to launch a new chip for the nation’s entry-level 5G smartphones. It’s interesting to note that it is already collaborating with other OEMs and Reliance Jio, the biggest telecom provider in India, to create a new 5G phone for the general public. With this change, owners of 2G phones will be able to transition to 5G smartphones.

A 5G Qualcomm-Jio phone will set back about Rs 8,000

With an upcoming entry-level smartphone, Qualcomm is getting ready to release a new low-cost chipset. The chipmaker and Reliance Jio are in talks for this 5G entry-level smartphone, according to a MoneyControl report. It collaborates with additional original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) on the same project.

SA-2Rx, a 2-antenna 5G standalone solution developed by Qualcomm for low-cost phones, is reportedly supported by this upcoming 5G smartphone. Qualcomm disclosed that on a standalone network, reducing the number of receive antennas from four to two can help cut costs without having a major impact on performance.

According to Qualcomm, the entry-level 5G phone will cost less than $99 (about Rs 8,200) because of this economical approach. According to the chipmaker, moving users from 4G to 5G is a major priority. They will be able to access 5X faster data speeds than 4G LTE thanks to the switch.

Because of this affordable chipset in an entry-level smartphone, many 2G phone users in India may finally convert to a smartphone. Additionally, they will have access to necessary apps, such as government apps that will let them take advantage of government initiatives.

Qualcomm claimed that over 2.8 billion people worldwide might get 5G access thanks to this under-$99 smartphone, citing GSMA data.

“Based on GSMA data, we estimate that up to 2.8 billion people could have access to 5G via a sub-$99 smartphone. That really is enormous. Soon, 5X faster data speeds than 4G LTE could be available to billions more people with just one device. This implies having better, more dependable access to necessities like banking, emergency assistance, and healthcare. Alex Katouzian, Group GM of Mobile, Compete XR, Voice & Music, and Wearables Business at Qualcomm, stated on LinkedIn that “it also opens up untold possibilities for business, communities, and people.”

There are currently a number of options available from Tecno, Infinix, Motorola, Realme, Redmi, and Samsung in the sub-Rs 8,000 entry-level smartphone segment. All of the gadgets in the category, though, are 4G-only phones.

If a person must purchase a 5G phone, he or she must spend more than Rs 10,000 in order to obtain some high-quality 5G options. However, customers may now be able to purchase a 5G device for approximately Rs 8,000, thanks to the reported Jio-Qualcomm deal.

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