Infinix Unveils E Ink Technology in Its Color-Shifting Phone

Infinix Unveils E Ink Technology in Its Color-Shifting Phone

A major improvement over earlier iterations, Infinix has unveiled its most recent prototype technology, called E-Color Shift.

With a wider range of color options, this update enables the phone’s back to dynamically change colors. Notably, users can individually adjust the color of each segment on the back panel, which is divided into separate sections.

With E Ink Prism 3 technology, which is similar to e-book reader displays, this accomplishment has an impressive power efficiency. Color changes are the only times when power is used; once set, static colors use zero power.

It can do more than just fixed colors, though. The parts exhibit remarkable color shifting versatility, outpacing the speed typically attributed to e-book readers. It appears as follows.

A variety of animation loops can be loaded on the back thanks to this functionality. If this technology finds its way into a physical product, Infinix that you will be able to customize the various color settings on the back using an app.

In the design that is shown, there are four segments that are arranged in a 2×2 grid, and the darker diamond pattern is fixed in the center. However, even with this setup, animated graphics are produced with sufficient impact.

Moreover, E Ink designers are not limited to a rectangular shape; as the striped pattern below shows, they can incorporate more free-form shapes.

According to Infinix, if the technology advances sufficiently, it may be possible to create up to 60 distinct areas that can be customized. The animations are likewise quick enough to be applied to various notifications, akin to the Glyph interface on the Nothing Phone.

Though there are still a few issues to be resolved before this technology is widely usable, Infinix anticipates that E Color Shift will be available to consumers in a year or two.

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