MWC 2024, TCL Unveiled its New 50 Series Smartphones

MWC 2024, TCL Unveiled its New 50 Series Smartphones

TCL unveiled its newest models, part of the “50 Series,” during MWC 2024. These include expanded products that cover more connected devices and NXTPAPER technology optimized for the human eye. The release of these new products serves as a reminder of TCL’s goal of enhancing human-centeredness in technology and expanding the reach of 5G technology.

TCL Communication CEO Aaron Zhang underlined in his speech at the series premiere that TCL is committed to developing 5G technology with a human-centered approach and making it available to all. He that with NXTPAPER screen technology devices, they place a high value on improving accessibility and user comfort. Zhang said that by providing advanced features in affordable, easily navigable devices, TCL technology seamlessly blends into daily life.

The success of the TCL 40 NXTPAPER model, which previously took home the Innovation Award at CES 2024, is being built upon by the new smartphone line. TCL’s 50 Series raises the bar for mobile devices with high-speed internet capabilities by introducing four new models for the EMEA market. Offering users superior performance and value is the goal of the TCL 50 5G, TCL 50 SE, TCL 505, and TCL 501 models.

The TCL 50 5G, TCL 50 SE, and TCL 505 models are distinguished by their large screens that offer immersive viewing experiences with a high refresh rate of 90Hz and a new design language. These gadgets enhance the fundamental functions of using a smartphone by having large batteries and RAM expansion capabilities. Additionally, notable reductions in power consumption and enhancements in image processing performance are made possible by TCL NXTURBO technology.

The TCL 50 Series’ gadgets are made to satisfy both business and recreational demands. With the Android 14 operating system, the TCL 50 5G model in particular offers great performance and an advanced user experience. 6.6-inch screen with 90 Hz resolution,

Its large memory and 5G connection promise high efficiency throughout the day. By providing constant connectivity with eSIM support, it also raises the bar for dependability and cutting-edge communication technology.

The TCL 505 model elevates the viewing experience with its large screen and high refresh rate, while the TCL 50 SE model is perfect for those who enjoy watching entertainment because it offers an all-encompassing media experience with its large screen and high-quality camera. The TCL 501 is a great choice for everyday use even though it was made for basic usage requirements.

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