Josh Heller on how Heller PR Inc. worked closely with leading names in Hollywood and the music world

Josh Heller on how Heller PR Inc. worked closely with leading names in Hollywood and the music world

A movie may come from Hollywood, a pop smash from Seoul, or a play from London. Nevertheless, much of the PR around them shoots up from the Big Apple. Los Angeles based Joshua LawrenceHeller (Josh) – founder of HELLER PR INC. – is seeking to innovate and apply unconventional strategies to different industries such as film, music, technology, and finance.

This press article covers his collaboration with Hollywood giants and the music realm globally. From production houses to models, actors, and dancers working in film and television industries, HELLER PR INC. has helped in promoting the careers of leading Hollywood talent through branding, digital strategy, and business development.

Josh has been in close collaboration with celebrities like Kylie and Kendall Jenner, where he worked as a creative producer and branding strategist and helped roll out global brands and business ventures for them.

Streaming the best video footage and designing a compelling portfolio are the keys to stand out amongst the crowd. Josh has worked with some of the best brains in editing, thus creating stunning visual packages that have portrayed these Hollywood celebrities in the best light.

Furthermore, Josh’s empire HELLER PR INC. specializes in helping its Hollywood clients grow their brands, as well as aiding them during a media crisis. To grow brands, Josh and his team develop uncommon strategies to meet their clients’ goals. Under crisis, his team swiftly interferes to help resolve the situation at hand, eventually rebuilding their clients’ reputation in authentic ways.

In the music industry, Josh has worked closely with various electronic music artists and DJs associated with labels such as Armada Music and Capitol Records. His PR agency prioritizes artist growth, offering incredible results and innovative campaigns that are sure to attract the listeners.

Equipped with a team that incorporates digital marketing experts, music industry experts, and the best creative minds, Josh has worked hand-in-hand with music artists and DJs to design sound strategies that have produced significant results.

Josh believes that the new wave in business is riding the wave of empathy and compassion. He wants to show young minds that no matter where they are in their lives, they can leverage their passion and creative energy along with the tools of social media and technology to give back and create a better place.

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