Joshua Singh: A Masterful & Unique Voice in Indie Pop Music

Joshua Singh: A Masterful & Unique Voice in Indie Pop Music

Who Is Joshua Singh?

Joshua Singh is an emerging singer, songwriter & Music producer. He is a sensitive and caring man who speaks his mind through his music. A strong character with a deep sense of friendship & family, Joshua is an epitome of ‘young India charting their own path’.

His recent single, “All I Ever Learnt” directed by Tanvi Gandhi has released on YouTube and Multiple streaming platforms to great acceptance. It has ably garnered more than 15 thousand views on YouTube and 4K plays on Spotify. “All I Ever Learnt” has been applauded by both the audience and the critics and it makes Joshua humbly thankful.

Carrying On The Legacy

Joshua Singh hails from a Musical background.  His grandfather Charanjit Singh was a pioneer in his field and has been recognised by the World as one of the pioneers in the field of Acid Rock, besides being on the permanent crew of the Great S.D Burman & R.D. Burman. His father Raju Singh is a prolific music composer with hits such as Metro, Aashiqui 2 & Kerasi to name a few. Besides this he has been the mentor on shows like Sa Re GA MA & Indian Idol since its inception.

Coming from a lineage of musicians , Joshua very naturally gravitated towards it on his own accord.  He has been composing and producing music ever since he was 12 years old. He grew up in a home unlike others – strewn with musical instruments of all shapes and sizes – the drums, banjo, flute, tabla, harmonium, a grand piano, synthesiser to name a few.

As he matured, so did his music, finding its space in the hearts and minds of many today.   

Joshua Singh’s Recent Works

Joshua stepped into the field of ‘individual artist’ last year. Prior to this, he explored his creativity with a Music band, but in the end decided that the music he wanted to create required his own voice and feelings.  He collaborates with distinctive voices and identities such as Taba Chake & Hard Kaur which makes the process more fulfilling.

Joshua produces as well as arranges and masters his own music. Like he says

“ To recognise a voice, design the sound that will accentuate it, add the lyrics and instrumentation , visualise its multi dimensions – is the joy of producing music”

His debut album “Understudy” was a hit and gave amazing tracks like “Normal Is For Fools” and “Another Day”.

This year, during the Pandemic uproar, Joshua released his song “Breakfast In Bed”. The videos is an “out of the Box’ Novel idea, wherein they featured real couples from around the world, enjoying their time together, during the lockdown times – the subtext of the concept “Breakfast in bed’. The concept naturally spoke to the imagination of its audience of today & has been a hit on YouTube and Spotify.  

Some Amazing Things About The Track

Talking about his new track “All I Ever Learnt”, Joshua said that the theme of the song is the portrayal of the feeling of isolation and importantly, how our past memories and emotions only exist in the context of the present. The music video has been directed by Tanvi Gandhi who has superlatively captured the essence of the song in a sublime and metaphorical manner. The song stays with you long after you finish listening it. Kudos to both – Joshua Singh’s magical composition and voice and Gandhi’s brilliant direction.

Trivia that rolls the day

One of the most beautiful elements of this song is the fact that it features the first ever bass guitar used in Bollywood – a guitar that is almost 50 years old! This guitar belonged to his grandfather, Charanjit Singh , who also happened to be one of the First Bass guitarist in the Bollywood Film Industry !!!


The world is changing and so is its sounds and music. New types of Sounds and Concepts have enlarged the world of Indie Indian Music. Distinct voices, cultural fusions and tangential ideas are erupting onto the scene to cater to the young Indian looking at a World future – and therein stands our young artistes of today – Poised to take a leap into the future with the sounds in their head.

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