Katia Jundi reflects on her experience working with top brands across the globe

Katia Jundi reflects on her experience working with top brands across the globe

Due to the ever-growing competition between companies, it has become imperative for brands to look for numerous innovative ways to survive in the market and climb the ladder of success. One such way of achieving this is the use of a character or a face that would present the brand in front of the community. This is an essential means through which people feel more connected to the brand and model Katia Jundi has helped many brands achieve this.

Katia Jundi is an accomplished model who has collaborated with countless high profile brands for over 20 years now. She is considered a role model by many and is seen as an influencer by her followers. Her recommendations are considered very powerful in the fashion industry, and whatever she recommends becomes a fashion statement. Katia has helped brands like George Jensen, and Givenchy increase their sales and have a strong social presence across communities.

Born in Beirut, this Lebanon beauty did her BA in Public Administration from the American University of Beirut. Katia Jundi always loved the art that was showcased in various designs of watches and jewelry, so she wanted the world to know about it. Initially, through the use of traditional media, Katia Jundi was able to present to the world how captivating and fascinating it can be to experience luxury and art at the same time. Over the years, she has managed to become a familiar face through her strong media presence too.

Katia Jundi organized an award-giving event to honor the best performing watch and jewelry brands and a luxury regional watch exhibition. It is only through the positive and pragmatic impact of Katia Jundi’s media presence that such an elegant and stylish brand like George Jensen chose her to be the face of the brand. Through her powerful media presence, Katia Jundi has managed to influence the buying choices of her followers and audience, thereby enabling brands to become more popular. Katia Jundi has also been actively involved in various social causes and is a benevolent philanthropist. It is due to her strong public presence and worth that she was also selected by SOS Children’s Village as their brand ambassador.

Through the past many years, Katia Jundi has touched great heights with her persistent hard work and passion. She dreams of excelling at the best possible level in the world of digital media. She aims at connecting to the people through various social networking sites like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook and make an everlasting effect with her media presence.

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