Know Everything About a UK based Entrepreneur Yazz

Know Everything About a UK based Entrepreneur Yazz

Many industries have come to a halt after the spread of novel coronavirus pandemic. With people being forced to stay indoors, the deadly virus has severely impacted many businesses. However, the creative personalities from the entertainment industry are enjoying their best time in quarantine. While many artists, musicians and dancers are doing their best in entertaining the audience online, entrepreneur Yazz is also making the most of his time amid the lockdown. Yazz is the CEO and founder of music label ‘Ghost Recordz’ based in the UK.

He has worked with many artists around the globe for over a decade so be it management or songwriting. The latest name added to his already impressive portfolio is UK based twins better known as the Khantwinz. The twin brothers recently released their brand new single titled ‘Voicemail’. Besides running a music label, Yazz also has his artist management company which handles many musicians, rappers, models, artists and social influences. The entrepreneur believes in giving the youth a chance and is very passionate about this. As mentioned earlier ,Yazz is also a songwriter and has written songs for many well-known music artists.

Based in London,UK. Yazz started business at the age of 18 were he became very interested in real estate. After 10 years he decided to take a different path but has always kept in touch with the property sector and still runs projects regularly. While speaking about the current crisis, he said, “People are in the lockdown. While few are working from home, few are getting bored with having no work. Ghost Recordz is collaborating with some music personalities and is here to amuse the people by releasing the best music in a very dark time.”

2021 will be a very exciting year for this motivated and driven entrepreneur

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