Launch of the Realme GT Neo 3T Android 14 x Realme UI 5.0 Early Access Program

Launch of the Realme GT Neo 3T Android 14 x Realme UI 5.0 Early Access Program

One of the best-value smartphones available, the Realme GT NEO 3T is now receiving the much-awaited Realme UI 5.0 Early Access update, which gives users a first look at some of the newest features of Android 14. Realme GT NEO 3T owners who are eager to test out the Android 14 update can do so as early as possible thanks to this beta program.

What is included in the Early Access Package for Realme UI 5.0?

Smart Efficiency: A new File Dock feature streamlines users’ daily tasks by making content transfer between apps and devices easier.

Boost Security and Privacy: The update prioritizes improved permission management for photos and videos, guaranteeing safe application access.

Performance Boost: Expect enhanced system stability, quicker app launches, and more fluid animations, all of which point to a total performance improvement.

Revamped Design: To create a more aesthetically pleasing experience, natural color schemes have been added. Upgrades to the look and feel include redesigned notification sounds, smoother system animations, and new ringtones.

User-Centric Care: A cutting-edge carbon tracking Always-On Display (AOD) takes center stage, highlighting the advantages walking has over driving in terms of the environment.

Issues that are known:

Although users can expect an improved online experience, this special Early Access pass comes with a few restrictions:

A peculiarity of floating windows is that some users may run into issues. Don’t worry, there’s an easy fix that just requires lowering the status bar.

Glance Lock-screen: The much-loved Glance Lock-screen feature is absent from the Early Access version for the time being, but it is expected to triumphantly return in later releases.

Before embarking on this virtual journey, realme offers some advice and warnings for users of the early access application.

Ascertain that your phone isn’t rooted.

To avoid unanticipated data loss, backup your personal information.

Update third-party programs to make sure they work together.

The Early Access version may affect regular device use, so be prepared for possible bugs and glitches.

Verify that the storage on your phone is more than 15 GB to avoid update failure.

With a limited number of seats available, applications for the Early Access program will officially open on December 5, 2023. Users who are interested are urged to apply by following the detailed instructions provided below and using the Software Update Application channel.

How to utilize

Application for Early Access

Verify the realme GT NEO 3T’s battery is at least 60% charged.

2. Update the UI version on your device to the necessary one: 1.0.601 RMX3371_13 | 1.0.700 RMX3371_13

3. Switch to the developer mode. (Options → Device information → Version → Version Number→ Select the version number seven times in a row.)

4. Use the Software Update Application channel to apply for Early Access:

(Settings → Device information → After selecting the “realme UI 4.0” banner at the top, click the three dots in the upper right corner to access the beta program, choose Early Access, and then click “Apply Now” to complete the application process.

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