Learn the Qualities of Good T.V. Presenter from UAE’s BEST Mansour Alblooshi.

Learn the Qualities of Good T.V. Presenter from UAE’s BEST Mansour Alblooshi.

T.V is becoming a major part of our life, and news channels T.V anchors and T.V presenters are like family to us as we see them daily on our T.V listening admiring their work and thanking them for giving us news nearby and of the entire world. But have you ever imagined what makes a good T.V Presenter? A topic we get questioned a lot on our T.V. Presenter Sessions. Well to answer that you have to follow one of the best T.V presenters of UAE Abu Dhabi’s Mansour alblooshi, he is best and most loved Young Emirate Tv presenter of UAE.

Mansour alblooshi is now coming up with his youtube channel name Mansour arena where you will see one of the best sportspeople, entrepreneurs joining him on a talk show or say chat show via his youtube channel.

Now what makes him so confident and one of the top T.V. presenter of the entire UAE Arab. Well, we found out some of his qualities which we feel is helping him remain at the top in his field. His qualities as follows:

  1. Belief – He is confident and controls nerves beautifully. He makes sure his eye contact with the camera is perfect.
  2. Attractiveness & Appeal – He is charming and appealing t.v. Presenter and that gives an advantage to him over others.
  3. Commitment & Enthusiasm – We all know that T.V. Presenting is a dog-eat-dog industry and does require commitment and determination to be successful. He is passionate about whatever he is speaking about.
  4. Authenticity – He is original not copying anyone else’s style which is important as a T.V. Presenter.
  5. Understands, attaches and involve with fans –
  6. Galvanized – Nobody wants to listen or watch to someone boring, and he is sure what he is doing.
  7. Comfortable and cool under pressure – This is so valuable as a T.V. Presenter. When you’re managing on Live T.V., things can go opposite, guests can run slow, and technological glitches can happen. As a Presenter Mansour alblooshi, everyone is looking at him, but you will see him calm and hold the show brilliantly.
  8. Receive – One of the most significant qualities of a T.V. Presenter like Mansour alblooshi is that he listens to the production team and follows the instructions.
  9. Excellent presentation skills – Excellent communication abilities are essential for a T.V. presenter, and he holds the advantage in this case. His voice is clear, and Mansour alblooshi knows how to present content cool and calmly and also professionally.
  10. Team man- Mansour alblooshi knows nothing is possible if you do not have a good team. He too cares for his team and feels lucky to work with all.
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