Nehal Khan Shares 7 Golden Rules of Entrepreneurship

Nehal Khan Shares 7 Golden Rules of Entrepreneurship

Starting out on your own is an intimidating task, no doubt.  Even so, there are more and more people turning to entrepreneurship every single day, and finding success.  With plenty of information on the internet, it’s now easier than ever to get sound advice to start from.  After that, it’s up to you!

Learn from the greats

            The best thing that you can do to help yourself out is learn from the entrepreneurs that have already made a name for themselves and are now looking to help those behind them by sharing advice.  One of the greats looking to do just that?  Nehal Khan.  Here are his so-called 7 “golden” rules of entrepreneurship. Nehal khan follows his rules strictly and they have made him a very successful serial entrepreneur.

  1. Prepare yourself for financial issues in advance: No matter how successful you are, financial hardships will strike.  Make sure that you plan for that ahead of time by knowing what those financial issues could be, and having a little extra tucked aside to sail through them.
  1. Start from a strong business plan: Your business plan should be more than a few bullet points.  This is the course of action that your business is going to take, so take the time to design a detailed, accurate and comprehensive plan to help you push your business forward.
  1. Pick something you care about: This seems obvious, perhaps, but it’s an important rule.  Don’t go for the niche that is going to make you the most money.  Trends change and fads will fade.  Go for a business venture and focus that you are passionate about.  It’ll earn you more in the long run and will help you enjoy it more, too!
  1. Spend within your means: Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of borrowing money heavily and then getting stuck in a downturn.  Do what you can to stay within your financial means so that you aren’t going to have to fold your cards in case of a dip in earnings.
  1. Never stop learning from those around you: There’s always something to be gained by professionals around you.  Always learn more about your niche, about marketing, about analytics, customer engagement, and more.  Constant education is important.
  1. Ask for help when you need it: While some feel asking for help is a sign of weakness, it’s actually a sign of strength.  You’ll want to ask for help from those who can offer it, whenever you need it.  You’ll be a stronger professional for it.
  1. Put in all the time you have — and then some: Last but not least, time is your strongest and best weapon.  Spend every moment that you have on your business, and you’ll be rewarded with worthwhile results.  You are your business, especially within the first 4 or 5 years.

            While there is a lot that goes into entrepreneurship, it’s still a worthwhile, invigorating work opportunity for those that are looking to put in some sweat equity.  These 7 rules will help you get ahead of the competition the right way and they’ll also make you a much better business professional down the road!

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