Li1.lean announces a new album: flavors

Li1.lean announces a new album: flavors

Gabriel montes know as li1.lean, adds flavor to a world of music.

Li1.lean announced that his solo studio EP flavors, will be released in April. The album will feature previously released songs “cherry” and “limón” Elkin know as fluenzy will design the EP’s artwork.

Additionally, Lean alluded to more singles from the album being shared in the coming months preceding its release. All of them will be produced by Him self “li1.lean”

Lean’s collaboration with fluenzy, “Nos vamos” is one of the most expected Ft. Of 2020 in the “Flavors EP”

Gabriel Montes, best known by his stage name Li1.lean, is a Latin, English musician, singer, songwriter and producer. His name emerged due to his popularity among the Latino community and social networks with his diverse music.

He creates songs with both languages ​​to experiment with two cultures and erase any border between them.

Where to Find li1. Lean
Instagram : li1.lean
YouTube: Lil Lean TV
SoundCloud: Li1.lean
Snapchat: Li1.lean

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