Luh T5; The Next Big Thing In Music Industry

Luh T5; The Next Big Thing In Music Industry

Music is the part of our daily life. Everyone has his own taste in music, some like classical music, rock, jazz, hip-hop or rap. It requires years of practice and experience to make quality music. Young generation look out for new music or new music styles that are trendy and modern specially rap music. Making a good music is not an easy job, it requires good music, quality lyrics and much more. Among young musicians who became famous in very short time is Luh T5.

Luh T5 is a multi talented entrepreneur and rapper based is United States Of America. He was fond of music from childhood. Being Haitian descendant, it was difficult for him to compete in American culture. However, his love and passion for music made it possible for him to become successful musician. He has created his own style of music in which he tells his life stories as well. His unique and different style combined with creativity make him stand out in the crowd.

Luh T5 loves to create music, through his music he tells his life struggle, experiences and rough times that he has been in. He loves to rap and feels it is time rapping needs some change. With his music, he wants to bring something fresh in the rapping game. His music and style is unique and different. He is very hardworking and loves to experiment with sounds and approach music from different angles.

‘Learn the business of music’, believing on these words Luh T5 learned a lot about music and become successful rapper. His songs are about the struggle of the common people who struggle their whole life to become successful, and for the people who think their time may never come. He wants people to know that no matter what life throws at you, you can bounce back, you can power forward through all of it. His music is source of motivation for many people who are striving to live a happy life.

Mr. Luh T5 have gotten recognition from bigger artists, and he has been on Saycheese. His videos went viral, and he also had a small run with Authentic Empire. He is also active on social media like Instagram having 13k followers where he connects with his fans and followers.

In short, Luh T5 is one of the best young rappers who are changing the rap game forever with their unique music and genuine love for music. He feels that current state of rap needs something fresh and new. He is an inspiration for many new comers who follow his lifestyle. He believes ‘to become successful one must have belief on himself and trust on God’, then he can become successful musician.

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