Maka is the 818’s Hidden Gem

Maka is the 818’s Hidden Gem

Born and raised in the 818 valley, Maka has been kept quiet in the underground rap scene. That is until he broke out with his hit single, ‘Only Fans,’ alongside famous DJ and Producer Cypress Moreno, achieving over 200k+ streams on DSPs and 28k+ YouTube views for the music video. He’s also worked with LA superstars Kalan.Frfr and Cuuhraig on multiple occasions, building a longtime relationship and friendship with the artists. His newly released 2-pack single ‘Hometown Hero’ features Cuuhraig alongside Maka as the new dynamic duo, sharing common interests as LA natives and Polynesians. ‘Hometown Hero’ feels like Maka’s breakout party. His goals are set high and he’s moving with intention this time. The ride-along song, perfect for any car ride, is an infectious 2 minutes of melodies and unique lyricism, accompanied by an up-tempo beat that is surely magnetic. He’s crowned himself as the “Hometown Hero,” letting his friends, family, and close ones know that he’s going to do everything in his power to reach the top and take them along for the ride. Skip to ‘Loaded Up,’ the second single off ‘Hometown Hero’ and Maka is bringing a flow and delivery never before heard by him. The bounce heavy beat, popularized by LA, allows Maka to show his roots as an LA native while simultaneously having your head bopping for the entire duration of the song. This new street anthem is Maka showing you there’s more than one side to him, a versatility that not many artists are capable of. He’s on his way to victory for himself, his hometown, and the people around him.

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