Make way for impeccable music talent DJ Agnivesh, known for his multi-genre production and madness for music

Make way for impeccable music talent DJ Agnivesh, known for his multi-genre production and madness for music

Each of DJ Agnivesh’s songs differs from the others and has gained tremendous streams and views on major streaming platforms. The more we speak about how a few individuals have been paving their path to massive success in their chosen industries, the more we feel the need to discuss them for the world to know their genius. This is because most of these individuals thrive off their pure skills, determination, and hunger to keep learning new stuff to hone their skills consistently in all they choose to do in their careers and endeavors. DJ Agnivesh did exactly that and much more in the world of music by becoming one of the top talents in the industry as a music producer, songwriter, and DJ.

He started his career as a DJ at the age of 14, where he worked with professional musicians, which is why he has a presence to understand his audience & their taste in music. His Passion brings him on the journey of Music. He is inspired by his hard work and the fame supported by his fans. DJ Agnivesh has not stopped learning. With so many years of experience, this music star consistently looks for ways to strengthen his fundamentals by learning new music tactics and working on the things behind the scenes to help build his brand. Many artists come and go. Few can consistently stick to what they committed to from day one. BIG B & BHEESHMA were 2 movies in Malayalam which he made original music as a tribute to the movie, but the audience got confused that it was a bit from the film. People loved the tribute theme by DJ Agnivesh and expect him to step into the movie arena too.

The artist has released many popular songs on Youtube. His song Shankara Mahadeva crossed 30 million + views on Youtube. The music video received a great response from the audience. DJ Agnivesh has become a celebrity in the music industry. DJ Agnivesh will undoubtedly become a rising star in the next few years. His successes in music as a producer have, throughout his career, featured him on some of the world’s top media outlets and gained immense love and plaudits from the audiences, further increasing his prominence as a musical artist.

Check out his songs on Spotify and follow him on Instagram @djagnivesh

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