Marco Cervetta’s Brilliant Career Graphs As A Digital And E-commerce Entrepreneur

Marco Cervetta is widely recognized as one of the youngest and most accomplished entrepreneurs in the digital and e-commerce realms in Naples, Italy. He is a twenty-three year old young businessman who works with one of the most well-known and established European platforms that offer on-demand solutions and services to companies looking to form a digital presence in the e-commerce space through channels like Facebook, Amazon and eBay.

Marco Cervetta and his team of experts have, over the years, formulated customized strategies and plans of action for more than one thousand brands and international clients and helped them gain a foothold and strong online presence in their respective e-commerce platforms. Marco has remained unwavering in his brilliant approach towards brand building, marketing and positioning.

Marco Cervetta is authorized for product research and development in factories present in the whole of Asia and product storage, import and complete shipment management in Europe. Marco Cervetta is also a skilled developer and builds software and mobile applications for numerous companies in the e-commerce and digital space.

Additionally, Marco Cervetta is the co-founder of a company that offers brands and businesses strategic online engagement and traction. It also collaborates with international music labels and assists them in marketing their individual projects and releases in the digital world and promoting their music artists across numerous music platforms and applications.

Marco Cervetta continues to grow and expand his horizons internationally as a dedicated and skilled digital and e-commerce entrepreneur.

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