How this Beauty Brand Emily Alexandra Cosmetics is Caring for People, Animals, and Oceans

Emily Alexandra Guglielmo — internationally recognized as “The American Mermaid” — provides living proof that it is possible to be a part of the beauty community while avoiding purchasing environmentally harmful products. Living as a real-life mermaid and performing beautiful shows dedicated to promoting ocean conservation, Emily has turned her lifelong passion into a personal brand and designed her own mermaid-themed line of cosmetics that help to save the ocean and provide clean drinking water one product at a time!

Her beauty line called Emily Alexandra Cosmetics allows people to feel beautiful without holding onto any consumer guilt. According to Cruelty-Free Kitty, 88% of the 50 top selling cosmetic brands that people purchase are NOT cruelty-free. As a mermaid making appearances across the ocean, Emily Alexandra Guglielmo has become a living breathing symbol of human beings’ historical connection to water and is committed to helping change these numbers by educating others on these issues. She believes in the need to promote the survival of the ocean from the root of the problem, which is the mass production of unethical and environmentally damaging mainstream beauty products. 

Fortunately, all of the products Emily Alexandra Cosmetics offers are vegan, cruelty-free, and safe for the ocean as they help to keep human products from entering the aquatic ecosystem. These products are also hypo-allergenic and waterproof which are perfect for swimming underwater like a mermaid! The most fantastic part about her cosmetic line is that whether you go for the Sun Kissed Pearl Drops liquid highlighter, the popular mermaid clam shell makeup brush set, mermaid scale eyeshadow palette or mermaid scale lipstick collection, you can be guaranteed that part of the proceeds will be used to provide clean drinking water to those currently living without it in emerging nations through Emily’s charity Supporting Water.

As a young entrepreneur, Emily Alexandra Guglielmo founded her own nonprofit organization in 2018 called Supporting Water. Supporting Water is constantly innovating and finding new ground-breaking technologies to donate to those in emerging nations who do not have access to clean drinking water. Recently, Emily’s nonprofit donated hundreds of L630 MiniWell portable straws to filter any form of water including sewage, puddles or streams for people in Kenya. Supporting Water is also aiming to install new water filtration systems by 2023 that will require no plumbing or pipes and can filter contaminated water.

Emily is passionate about combining philanthropic practices with technological advancements so with every item you purchase from Emily Alexandra Cosmetics, a portion will be going to help fund her non-profit to provide clean drinking water for people who need it! As Emily says, “By being kind and empathetic, you are able to effect positive change in the world. And ultimately, that should be our main goal always. At least that ́s what I think.” 

As if all that wasn’t already extremely impressive, Emily Alexandra Cosmetics is supporting another cause later this fall. The brand will be generously sponsoring the cosmetics at The Vegan Fashion Show – a charitable and educational fashion show with all proceeds helping animals in Canada. It’s a perfect match as the audience will surely appreciate the vegan and cruelty-free brand.

We hope to see more purpose-driven beauty brands follow in these foot steps. 

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