The Bull Infotech Director, Rajat Lubana: Chooses business over the corporate world

Rajat Lubana, Over the years has followed one simple principle “Growth comes from attempting failures”

According to reports Rajat Lubana says that, There’s a vast difference between the mindset of a working person and an entrepreneur. While an employee is bounded by the comfort zone, the entrepreneur always quests to welcome new challenges. And when you are working in the financial sector, there are always financial risks. What matters is how you transform the risks into opportunities.

Setting an example with distinctive businesses in the financial sector, entrepreneur Rajat Lubana is a past master in forex trading, investments and crypto currency.

Born in Mumbai, Mr. Lubana is based in Gurgaon, India through his expertise, the entrepreneur has established a great name in forex trading and training sector. His calling towards business was after he completed his studies in hotel management from Mumbai. Rajat Lubana originally hails from a family of government officials and politicians.

Still, It was his curiosity to learn about the forex trading business that saw him grow into the successful entrepreneur that he is today.

Mr Lubana, over the years has followed one simple principle “Growth comes from attempting failures” Moreover, He feels that the decision to become an entrepreneur has changed his fortunes.

Throwing light about it. He said, Till the time I completed my studies in hospitality industry, I had my mindset to secure a job and be in the rat race. But in the COVID time, I realized my calibre after which I chose to create a path of my own.

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