Meet Arman Khan Achakzai

Meet Arman Khan Achakzai

It all started with the family video camera and making silly home movies for fun.

Once high school rolled around I entered some local film festivals and instantly fell in love with telling stories through cinema. There was just something so special about people gathering around to watch your hard work.

Fast forward a few years, I finally found my passion for cinematography and working with brands to make their ideas come to life.

Arman Khan Achakzai was born in Pakistan, Quetta . He his a Cinematographer and Vfx Designer currently located in London, United Kingdom. Arman Khan Achakzai is  a member of the prestigious A.C.S United Kingdom Cinematography Society and the co-founder of Mixed Reality company Visualseffect Off Base Evolve.

Arman Khan Achakzai career began in photography and video editing in United Kingdom for local bands in the London area back in 2007. He decided to move to Finland in 2009 in pursuit of my career in Media. With years of music video making and editing experience during His last years in London, He moved into the world of Fashion Photography upon arrival to Finland. Since his immigration to Finland, he started a Media company of talented entrepreneurs conducting productions for Fashion, Music Videos, TV commercials and Short Films. In 2015 I began my feature film career with a chance to be Director Of Photography and editor on the Irish Production “The Priest”. Shortly after “The Priest” He went across the Atlantic to the U.S.A where he worked on the sci-fi thriller “Project Eden: VOL.1”, featuring actors from The Mummy and Stargate.

In 2017 Arman Khan Achakzai was accepted into the A.C.S Australian Cinematography Society. By 2018 I completed the first ever western Action film production in Iran called “Layers of Lies” Directed by Ramin Sohrab. Shortly after the film I co-produced and DP’d the pilot concept for the “Where is My Lamborghini?” Mobile game and TV show in Dubai, UAE, the production took 12-16 Cinema cameras and required some of the biggest camera team management within the Middle East. After the completion of the show, I found myself grounded here in Dubai with my new life and film work opportunities. Since then I have been working on several TVC’s, music videos, business development for local production companies and workshops to help educate the local market with my experience from across the globe.

“Most people know me as “Arman Khan Achakzai” or “AKA”. I love what I do and I love the work ethic of the people I work with. Nothing better than a bunch of people coming together from all corners of the globe to create something unique and amazing.”

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