Meet Christian Massa, The Actor, and Entrepreneur Who is Raising Awareness Through Film

Meet Christian Massa, The Actor, and Entrepreneur Who is Raising Awareness Through Film

For many, film is a unique concept. Something that is hard to define, to understand without being an actor or filmmaker themselves may be difficult. However, something like a film not only can be enjoyed by the viewers but can also be served as a learning and healing experience for those suffering from something that most people wouldn’t understand. The message and imagine told within; its all part of what sets apart a filmmaker and actor from the rest. However, as many filmmakers and actors know the road to success is not an easy road to go down.

It’s a big challenge; just like any job, not every filmmaker is making films to try and help somebody. Some struggle and never gain success for their work. Others use their knowledge and skills to help other people. For example, take Christian Massa.

Christian Massa, born in West Haven, Connecticut, is an actor and entrepreneur who loves to help others. Coming from such a small town, Christian became very encouraged and motivated to make a difference in his community. The desire to act and make films played a major role in his life on his way to becoming an adult.

Making films is not only fun but its very interesting. Being able to think and create something then make it into a film is not only a hobby but its also a skill. Knowing how big of a problem suicide was in Christians town he took it upon himself to create a short film showing the struggles of a person suffering from suicidal thoughts and depression called Pressure. In the film, Massa plays the role of the man who is suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts. Throughout the film, Christians character is greeted by death who is portrayed as a black creepy figure in a black silk cloak. Death, played by Christians brother Joe Massa trys to make him commit suicide by offering different scenarios on how to kill himself. At the end of Pressure, Christians character overpowers death and beats his depression and thoughts of suicide by taking off deaths cloak leaving him powerless. By ripping deaths cloak off Christian and his brother Joe wanted this to signify beating suicidal thoughts a depression.

“I wanted the viewers to know that with proper help and talking to the right people that it can really help in your journey to getting better. In Pressure, my character is going through some serious life changes. As an example losing my girlfriend and losing my job. Not only life changes but mentally going through changes. Nearing the end of the film is when I start seeking help. I see a therapist and start taking the steps to recovery that she gives me. In the end, I follow all her steps and finally get healthy and overcome suicide and depression. I wanted this film to be a passage for those who are suffering from this illness and to show that it is possible to overcome this epidemic.” – Says Christian 

In a recent tweet by Christian Massa he says he plans to create another short film in 2020 geared towards helping people suffering from mental illness.

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