Meet Dany Martin Paul, a fitness influencer based out of Canada

Meet Dany Martin Paul, a fitness influencer based out of Canada

The word influencer has been diluted in the recent years with the emergence and increasing popularity of social media platforms and their variations. Sticking to the true meaning of influencer, it is someone who doesn’t just post stuff on social media platforms but actually helps their followers bring about a change and influence their lifestyle. One such example of an influencer is Dan(Dany) Martin Paul.

Dany is based out of Canada and is a fitness expert who helps people reach their desired body goals. Be it shredding, having an aesthetic body, gaining muscle mass or just improving your health, Dany custom curates workouts and regimes for each of his clients. He is not just a fitness expert but is also one of the biggest fitness influencers in Canada and is gaining global popularity.

Dany shares a lot of workout routines on his social platforms so that he can help people who cannot physically be present to take training with him. He even does online coaching and has numerous clients across the globe, all of whom, he teaches his own ideology to; which is, #AlwaysReadyForIt. The fitness expert believes that if a person is stron physically and mentally, they will be prepared for whatever hurdles life throws towards them. He teaches his clients to have an holistic approach towards life and imbues the importance of discipline in them be it in terms of workouts or diets as it helps them adapt discipline in other aspects of life as well.

Dan started his own journey into the fitness world when he was just 18 years old and wanted to change the way he looked. With constant dedication and hardwork, he changed his physique from that of a skinny, scrawny kid to one with chiseled features and washboard abs. Now, he helps others reach their goals.

Dan is also an entrepreneur. He is the owner and founder of the athleisure brand DMP fitness which is one of the fastest growing fitness brands out there. To know more about Dan and his teachings, check out his social media below:



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