Meet DJ Allen Davtyan, making his name prominent with his innate skills and talents in the music realm.

Meet DJ Allen Davtyan, making his name prominent with his innate skills and talents in the music realm.

The rising DJ, music producer, and artist has so far travelled the world and has performed with various international performers.

There are a few individuals and professionals who, in multiple ways, go beyond doing the usual while also ensuring to giving in their best in all that they do in their careers and endeavours. Most of these individuals belong to the younger brigade and still manage to make their mark as one of the best talented beings in their respective industries and sectors of the world. The music industry is one, which so far has produced some of the finest of such musical artists, but a few rare gems stand tall and unique from the rest. Making his name prominent as one such incredible DJ and artist is DJ Allen Davtyan.

The Los Angeles-based DJ and music producer over the years have come a long way in the industry, proving his innate skills and abilities in music and his strong quest to make waves in the industry with his extraordinary talents. Born on 17th March 1995 in Glendale, California, and raised in Armenia today has shown his A-game as a one-of-a-kind Disc Jockey and a music producer who is here to stay and slay the game of music in his own incredible and artistic way. DJ Allen Davtyan’s excellence allowed him to tour the world, produce trending tracks and work along with various international performers so far.

Though there is fierce competition in the music realm, consisting of tons of talented DJs, producers, musical artists, and the like, DJ Allen Davtyan still stands unique, thanks to his mixologist abilities, creativity, and his pure passion for music. Last year his song Macarena with Antonio Pican garnered him millions of YouTube views, and all his other songs as well like the recent Ram Pam Pam, Inna – UP, and others, have also garnered him a mammoth of streams and views on various platforms, proving his abilities and skills to mesmerize audiences and music lovers with his musical creativity as a DJ and producer.

DJ Allen Davtyan has so far collaborated with many big artists in the industry and plans to work along with many others in the coming years. To know more, follow him on Instagram @djallen and check out his Spotify account

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