Unshaken and Unfazed: DaphoDILL Stands Strong in the Face of the Pandemic

<strong>Unshaken and Unfazed: DaphoDILL Stands Strong in the Face of the Pandemic</strong>

DaphoDILL is an independent artist from Hattiesburg, Mississippi who expresses her personality through music. She is also a poet who has published books under her name, a perfect blend of art and intellect. This 27-year old singer is a feisty fighter who is never giving up on pursuing her dream of musical greatness. Music is more than just a business to this musician, for her, it is the art that makes the world a better place, and the soul in every individual that makes the experience of it a whole new reality.

Much like the flower, DaphoDILL is bursting with beauty and life as she livens up the music industry with tracks that spark a fire in the hearts of those who listen to her. Music was her form of escape during her dark days, and now she is using the same thing that helped her to create a brand of music that fans can run to when they feel alone fighting their own demons. She has emerged stronger than before, and as an artist, nothing can bring her down. 

Blooming amidst adversity

DaphoDILL’s journey on the path of a star started off when she decided to bring her poetry to life by giving the words their own rhythm, she brought more color and skill to the table as her beautiful poems turned into nothing short of immaculate when she added music. She shares:

“With me being a poet and loving the adverse styles that poetry could be made into and the diversity amongst different readers and writers I started to put my poems to music.” 

She saw how other people were wasting their talents, and realized that her potential to create was massive. DaphoDILL’s poetry became the rock on which her music was built upon. She invested in herself and honed her skills to such a degree that is absolutely amazing. Coming from a family that was not that well off, she had this fire inside to bring a change not only to her life but to the world someday. 

Her struggles in life made her strong, it gave her the strength which made its way into her personality as DaphoDILL, the stunning performer. Whether it’s a troubled past or the current pandemic, there is no stopping her. 

Unfazed by what we face

Challenges never stopped DaphoDILL, they only made her bloom more beautiful with each hardship she conquers. She proudly shares that the pandemic did not affect her music at all. She tells us:

The pandemic never affected my music. Instead, the pandemic helped me to write more and gave me more Inspiration. It opened my mind even more to a lot more worldly experiences.”

Not even the pandemic can stop this superstar from making good music. In fact, all the time spent in isolation helped her tap into her superior musical genius and give birth to two golden pieces of art: “Led Zeppelin” and “All Facts”

DaphoDILL’s “Led Zeppelin” gives off that rockstar vibes, as the name implies. It was inspired by the life of a rockstar that everybody wanted a piece of at some point in their life. She shows a different side of her music as this song features a full-on rockstar vibe that would want you to go out and just live the life you’ve always wanted to. Listening to the song is like living in the music itself, with just the right amount of edginess, diversity, and fun, DaphoDILL’s “Led Zeppelin”  is bound to captivate hearts all over the globe just like the band did.

DaphoDILL brings out her iconic style as she spits nothing but facts in “All Facts’ ‘ she shares her experiences in an alluring blend of poetry and storytelling bound together with music that makes everything a thousand times better. 

The excitement doesn’t stop at just the two songs. DaphoDILL, the crowd-loving star also decided to give the fans a taste of her rap skills with a brand new freestyle video released featuring her freestyling to Drake’s “Pound Cake”. 


Armed with her ultimate goal to inspire other aspiring artists to go after their very own dream, DaphoDILL is unshaken and unfazed by the pandemic. This flower is going all out, blooming in its full glory with one mission: to create more music. 

Catch Daphodill’s “Led Zeppelin”, “All Facts”, and freestyle video if you know what’s good for you! Follow her on YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, Tiktok, and Soundcloud.

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