Meet 17 Year Old Entrepreneur and Influencer Wais Sarajzada

Meet 17 Year Old Entrepreneur and Influencer Wais Sarajzada

2021, the era of unlimited opportunities. In this era social media has opened thousands of opportunities for young entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams. Times like this are giving teens the opportunity to be CEOs or Influencers with the right apps like TikTok or Instagram. Nowadays anyone can become an Influencer, just got to find the right niche and some fluke through the algorithm. With everything turning digital, so many young brilliant entrepreneurs are on the rise finding themselves success at an early age.

Meet Wais Sarajzada, a 17-year-old entrepreneur, and influencer from California that has been helping thousands of artists and brands grow their Instagram social media following through marketing tactics that worked for himself. Wais now focuses mainly on the music industry, where he helps thousands of artists get the reach they need. When asked what his main goal using his influence on social media, Wais said, “My main goal is to show the teens in middle school or high school that anything you want in life is achievable, all you gotta do is put your mind to it”.

Wais has worked hard over the past couple years to grow his social media presence and network. At just under 30,000 followers on his personal Instagram Wais’s future plans include him getting to 100,000 followers while growing his other network of theme pages.

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