Meet Kian Barazandeh An International Model From Iran

Meet Kian Barazandeh An International Model From Iran

Kian Barazandeh is an Iranian fashion model, actor, and a former champion in the ifbb men’s physique division. He currently resides in Dubai. The male model of the year award was bestowed upon him by Fashion Magazine NYC.

If you have spent any time in the past year looking up at billboards, then there is a good chance that you have seen the model-like face of Kian Barazandeh staring back at you. As one of the most successful models working in the fashion and commercial world at this time, he has been featured on the covers of magazines, in editorials, advertisements, and commercials. Because a model in the vein of Kian Barazandeh does not appear on the market very frequently, the most successful companies in the world will move quickly to acquire their brand if they see one.

Kian found out in February of this year, just before the pandemic, that he would be partnering with Fashion Magazine NYC, which would be the most significant brand partnership of his entire life. Kian was selected as their newest face after the editors of the most influential fashion magazine in the world combed through tens of thousands of applicants before arriving at their conclusion. Kian knew that this global sensation was perfectly qualified to represent their brand in the upcoming media, so they chose Kian to be the face of their dynamic and choreographed photo and video shoot. Kian also knew that this global heartthrob would be featured in the upcoming media.

Kian was born in Tehran, Iran, but his family relocated to the United Arab Emirates so that he could pursue his dream of becoming an athlete. He was aware that the United Arab Emirates was the location in which he would have the best opportunity to hone in on his skills and reach the highest potential of his athletic career. He went there with the intention of making this happen.

Kian never intended to become a model when he was younger; however, he was discovered by a daring agent more than ten years ago who recognised that he had “the look.” Kian has a Master of Science degree in computer engineering-applied design, and he also has a wealth of experience as a former member of the Iranian national boxing and swimming teams. In the Azerbaijan international Bodybuilding tournament, he won the gold medal in the ifbb men’s physique international competition. This achievement enables Kian, who is now a professional model, to combine his experiences as a professional athlete and now as a professional model. Kian understood that he was in an impossible position to reject the modelling opportunity because he was already working hard to achieve all of his life goals. He gave his assent to begin modelling on a full-time basis.

After he was discovered by a modelling scout for the first time, Kian’s career took off at a rate that the vast majority of other models will never see during their rise to fame. Kian maintained his momentum to win some of the most prestigious modelling partnerships in the world, and in just one to two years, he was named “Model of the Year” by the International Model and Talent Association (IMTA). He was asked to be the style influencer for Dolce & Gabanna as well, and he was given the task of promoting their menswear collection, which featured vivid colours, skilled craftsmanship, and high-quality fabrications. a testament to his mastery of social media marketing, which has earned him the adoration of his followers all over the world.

Kian has been able to dominate the fashion capitals of the world, including Paris, Milan, and New York City, thanks to his distinctive modelling look, which has allowed him to stand out from the other models and beat out the competition. He has been able to model for jobs in the Middle Eastern, Persian, and European markets thanks to his multi-cultural appearance and daring gaze. This has allowed him to stretch his modelling abilities to include jobs in the early 10s as well as jobs in the late 20s. Because of his edgy appearance and his association with the high fashion market, designers such as Armani and Versace, in addition to Calvin Klein, are eager to collaborate with him. At the same time, fashionable luxury brands like Roger Dubuis and Philipp Plein have worked together with the in-demand male model.

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