Meet Rahul Singla, aka Avik, making waves in the vast modelling and the PR world with his exemplary skills as a young talented personality.

Meet Rahul Singla, aka Avik, making waves in the vast modelling and the PR world with his exemplary skills as a young talented personality.

The youngster from Ludhiana possesses all the skills and talents to make it big in both the modelling as well the business world.

We see so many talented faces and personalities all around us. Ever wondered what is so special that makes all these people a class apart from others? Well, it is quite evident that youngsters of today have made it their aim to flourish their careers not just in one but a variety of niches, which is what has led them to achieve a massive name across industries. Industries have been lucky to welcome all such talented beings who show no signs of stopping and lead their way to the top in their respective fields. We came across one such highly talented youngster from Ludhiana, named Rahul Singla, aka Avik, as he is known across social media platforms, who has gone beyond limits and proved his mettle to people not just in the business world as a PR specialist and entrepreneur, known for his innovative promotions for artists and celebrities from Bollywood and the Punjab film industry, but also as an upcoming modelling sensation of North India.

Many youngsters nowadays follow the crowd and do the same old thing by copying people and following blindly what others do in their careers. Whereas, people like Rahul challenge themselves each passing day and go beyond boundaries to create their own unique niche. This is the reason why Rahul not only rose to fame as a young talented personality with his promotional works but also caught the eyeballs of the modelling industry in India with his sharp features, personality and looks.

The youngster from Ludhiana has always seen himself as that zealous and high-spirited personality who believed in his dreams always and made it a point to fulfill all his goals in life, whether it is his business goals as a PR specialist, turning the lives of celebrities more successful, or his passion for becoming the next hot bod of the modelling industry in India.

Speaking about style and vibe, Rahul has every possible quality to make it huge as a successful young model of India. His looks are making people go gaga over him as he possesses a delightful charm in his personality that instantly attracts people towards him. When all these features are coupled with Rahul’s sharp mind and intelligence as a young business personality as well, he rises above many other youngsters across the country as a highly talented young man.

Looking at his growing followers on Instagram in thousands already, one can imagine the name and fame this youngster would earn in the upcoming years, not just as one of the desirable most upcoming models of North India, but also as a bright and talented personality. Follow him now on Instagram, @itsavik ( to know more.

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