Meet Ramana Sayahi, making her mark in the world of modelling and acting

She is also known for her uncanny resemblance to the Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie.

It is always astounding to learn about all those people and professionals who make sure to go beyond doing the unusual to get to the next level of success in all that they choose to do in their careers and endeavours. Knowing more about such individuals and professionals always imbue more hope, positivity, and enthusiasm in many other budding talents of the world, vying to make their mark just like the established players of their industry, and ultimately motivate and inspire them in ways more than one. These stories help people learn how passion, powered by determination and grit, can help individuals in any industry, even amidst massive competition, to get to their desired levels of success. Doing that in the world of modelling and acting is one such passionate being named Ramana Sayahi.

Ramana Sayahi has been all about her love, madness, and tenacity for the artistic and creative realms, and ever since she understood what her heart sought, she got into the industries of modelling and acting to pursue her dreams in the same. Ramana Sayahi navigated her way to the top and today is considered as a well-known name in these niches, which already overflow with too many such talented and established artists and professionals.

Ramana Sayahi, originally named Somayeh Sayahi, hails from Tehran and has made her mark as an incredible Iranian-Canadian actress and model, who also has always made much buzz for her uncanny resemblance to the Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie. She had moved to Canada as a kid and studied at the University of the Graphic. Today, she has achieved tremendously with her work as a model and actress in Toronto, Canada.

She had stunned everyone in the 2018 movie Rhino Horn and in 2021, with The Detained, she did the same; such has been her excellence as an actress. She says that her journey had her learn many new things and also made her realize how success can never have shortcuts. People need to grind every day to get closer to their goals and visions in life. She suggests other budding artists and models to do the same and get ahead on their paths and journeys.

To know more, follow her on Instagram @ramanasayahii.

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