Meet the handsome student Nguyen Van Tuyen an experienced CEO

Meet the handsome student Nguyen Van Tuyen an experienced CEO

Nguyen Van Tuyen is a hot face famous in the online community and is loved by many young people because of his handsome appearance, inspirational voice and many talented people. Nguyen Tuyen is 22 years old, currently lives in Buon Me Thuot and is studying multi-platform marketing at THONLINE company.

We had a talk with Nguyen Tuyen to better understand the life, personality, passion and plan for the future of this handsome male student.

Hi Nguyen Tuyen, considered as one of the handsome and multi-talented male students, what do you think about this?

Those are some people who call me that. Although I don’t know what it really likes, I’m happy. For everything I have, it’s a passion. I hope I will try to train to be able to succeed in the future to deserve the trust and support of everyone.

How is the character Nguyen Tuyen in life?

In real life, I am gentle, approachable, sociable and often yield to others, but when working, I am very strict and careful. I’m shy but when I talk a lot, I always want to make people laugh when talking to me. I am the two most sincere words, and my motto is ‘friends and friends are good brothers forever’.

what are your hobbies ?

I like to study science and technology, besides that I really like music and have a passion for my music, even if my family has no one who is passionate about art. My path is very difficult, but I will go in the right direction because it is my dream path.

Guitar — Nguyen Van Tuyen

Besides music, which is your favorite, what is your favorite career?

Aside from music, I also have a hobby that is how a great marketer says I want people to understand me better so I chose a company to help me on the right track. It is THONLINE company owned by Nguyen Thanh Hoang. I am very grateful to you because ah is a talented leader in all fields.

Nguyen Thanh Hoang

My future plans

I will develop an affiliate marketing career of my choice and passion for music. Currently, I am trying to improve myself and my voice to open a brighter future.

Thanks to Nguyen Tuyen for this interview and wish you will achieve your dreams soon.

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