Meet the Young Skit Performer, K9

Meet the Young Skit Performer, K9

K9 is known for his unique skit talent and performances on social media. The young 22 years performer was born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana. He just started skits in February 2022 and is hoping to engrave his name among the top skit performers in the world.


K9 has got a charismatic personality that attracts many people towards him. He is delightful, appealing, and enchanting to his viewers. This is because he always portrays the parts of real-life men and/or women. He sends out positive vibes that are dramatic and emotional which help him perform his role perfectly.

Highly Imaginative

One of the most significant characteristics that make K9 a great skit performer actor is his creative and inspirational vision. His ideas are always creative and original which are useful on set. His physical and vocal energies outstand him from other normal skit performers.

Takes Direction

K9 rightly knows how he should take direction while recording his skit. He prepares and rehearses several times to make his videos outperform and grab the attention of his fans. His content contains humor that brings smiles to the faces of his audience.

Team leader

K9 is a leader in true essence. He keeps his team motivated and cheerful while preparing and recording his skits. This is the reason that he has developed one of the biggest platforms – Bigo Bigo where you can showcase your talent by performing skits and getting paid for your work. The motto behind this platform is to introduce young talented artists to the world.

Understands Human Behavior

K9 is immensely knowledgeable of the human mind. Therefore, he always knows what’s required at a given moment by his audience. He delves deeper into the script and brings out his best in all his skits.

Good Memorization Skills

K9 has got amazing memorization skills which help him perform outclass in his skits. He takes a limited time to write and memorize his lines for his skit. This makes him a worthwhile actor for his extraordinary memory skills.


Acting is a professional trade, which requires lots of patience and hard work. To be an effective and popular actor, K9 always tries to become an ardent and diligent worker. His dedicated work has helped him go beyond the point of success. He knows that even if he has to work for days and nights continuously, this will what bring to him an eventual success.

Always Approachable

Although he is new to this field, he knows how hard it is to become something in life. That is why he has made himself available to his fans almost all the time to guide them regarding this field. He is always open to answering questions of his fans on his Instagram account. He also believes in taking feedback from his fans to improve his work. He is never ashamed of constructive criticism and welcomes the comments of people even those who don’t appreciate him for his work.

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