Meta Unveils Advanced Generative AI Features – Enhancing Business Growth

Meta Unveils Advanced Generative AI Features – Enhancing Business Growth

To support business growth, Meta has released improved generative AI functions like text and full image generation. Helping advertisers at every stage of the process is the aim, according to Meta. They will benefit from the new functionality in a number of ways, including enhanced ad performance through the development of creative variations and partially automated ad generation.

AI Generative: Image Production

New businesses can enlarge photos to better accommodate numerous surfaces and develop entire image variations inspired by the original ad creative with text overlay capabilities. These capabilities can be further built upon to generate new backgrounds around product images.

For example, a company that sells coffee beans and advertises a delicious cup of coffee can utilize Meta’s generative AI to generate different background scenarios, such as scenes that depict a verdant and peaceful farm, and can even modify the coffee cup to provide more imaginative possibilities. Businesses will also be able to offer written suggestions to help better customize the creative alternatives in the months to come, Meta added. This functionality has already begun to roll out.

Furthermore, companies will now be able to add text overlay on photos. Lastly, picture expansion—a technology that lets companies easily modify creative assets to match various aspect ratios on various surfaces—is now compatible with text overlays on advertisements and is accessible on Reels and Feed on Facebook and Instagram.

Text Generation with Generative AI

In addition to the main content, the text generating feature generates options for the ad headline. By highlighting important selling elements based on their past campaigns and text input, Meta is currently testing the generated text’s capacity to replicate the voice and tone of the companies.

Meta Llama 3, the upcoming generation of Meta’s huge language models, will be used to build this functionality soon, opening up new possibilities and improving ad performance.

With the goal of going global by year’s end, Meta has started to roll out these improved generative AI features.

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