OnePlus 13 Could Introduce a Square-Shaped Camera Island, Inspired by Another Smartphone

OnePlus 13 Could Introduce a Square-Shaped Camera Island, Inspired by Another Smartphone

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus is expected to release the OnePlus 13, which will have a new rear camera module, as its next flagship model. The next flagship smartphone from OnePlus may have a more squarish camera module than the current generation’s circular form, according to a report from the Android Authority.

Over the last two generations, OnePlus has continued to use a circular camera module design on its flagship series of phones. There is a circular camera module with a ring-shaped frame encircling it on the OnePlus 11 and OnePlus 12 series. Based on the source, it appears like OnePlus will return to using a camera module that is square in shape, similar to the one found in its 10 series phones. Though it will be bigger than on the OnePlus 10, the rear camera module may be positioned more in the center.

Additional anticipated Changes for OnePlus 13

The OnePlus flagship smartphone of the upcoming generation is anticipated to have more design modifications in addition to the overhaul of the rear camera module. According to earlier rumors, the anticipated OnePlus 13 smartphone might have a ceramic body rather than merely a ceramic glass surface. In addition, the OnePlus flagship of the future generation may come with a quad-curved display panel, which would have far more subdued display curves than the waterfall display of the present model.

Performance-wise, the OnePlus 13 may be powered by the soon-to-be released Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 CPU, which the company has announced would ship in October. Given that OnePlus has consistently updated its flagship smartphone with the newest Qualcomm flagship chip, this adjustment won’t come as a surprise. The 5,400mAh battery and 100W fast cable charging functionality of the OnePlus 12 may remain in the upcoming flagship model, aside from these modifications.

OnePlus may include native generative AI features in its flagship series for the upcoming year, much like other major OEM manufacturers like Google and Samsung. Although OnePlus has already released AI Eraser, an AI-powered picture editing tool that lets users eliminate extraneous components from photos, the company may include more new capabilities with the OnePlus 13 smartphone.

OnePlus’s general manager of AI products, Nicole Zhang, stated at the launch of the AI Eraser tool—which is currently available on the OnePlus 12 series, OnePlus 11, OnePlus Open, and OnePlus Nord CE 4 smartphones—that the company intends to keep investing in creating more ground-breaking AI-based features. This implies that the business is currently developing new artificial intelligence features that might be released in tandem with its upcoming flagship product.

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