Michael H. Forde: How To Get Started With Taking Baby Steps To Success

Michael H. Forde: How To Get Started With Taking Baby Steps To Success

“Success Begins From Where You Are!” by Michael H. Forde is a short, sweet, and sharp guide to getting rid of excuses and changing your life for the better. Forde is an author, motivational speaker, public health specialist, and positivity spreader born in Brooklyn, New York.

In his guide “Success Begins From Where You Are!” he details the steps to success, the obstacles that you can find along the way, and how to get rid of them forever in order to commit to your own growth and achievements. The best thing about Michael H. Forde is that he doesn’t just talk the talk – he walks the walk! At a very young age, Forde’s outstanding career and achievements are living proof that what he’s saying is not cheap talk, but rather a detailed how-to guide based on his own personal experience where he invites you to follow his steps. 

While his book is full of gems, I would like to focus on the fourth chapter of his writing which he titled “Baby Steps To Success”. In it, he breaks down the great task of achieving success in smaller pieces that will help you begin your path to success, exactly from where you are. 

There are three simple steps in the chapter, explained concisely and without getting into repetition or figures of speech. 

  1. Dream The Dream

This part of the chapter alone is enough to make you think about your preconceived ideas of what success is and how it happens. For many, success is something that you’re born with, that happens to some, that runs in a bloodline or that is desirable. The truth is that if you want to reach your greatest potential, success cannot be desirable. It must be non-negotiable.

Now this takes us to what success looks like. This is another reason why people tend to fail. When you pursue someone else’s idea of success without making it your own, you will not be as committed as you would be if it was your definition. Define success, define your dream, and commit to making it happen! 

  1. Draw a Time Frame

Another one of the biggest put-offs of success is how far it usually seems. It is also a common mistake to believe that you will not be successful until you have the whole package of what you wished for, and that is simply not true. 

Once you have defined what success looks like for you, you need to start dividing the dream in smaller dreams that pave the walk to accomplishment. Having deadlines to meet will add the exact amount of pressure that you need so that you do not lose sight of your ultimate goal and remain committed to your idea of success over time. This as well gives you the chance to celebrate the smaller accomplishments, leaving you with a sensation of being already successful and one step closer to your ideal situation. 

  1. Organization

If there’s something that successful people have in common, it’s that they are not a walking hot mess! If you are not organized, you are sabotaging your own way to success. It’s like trying to run a marathon and taking the time to put a few rocks of good size along the way just for the thrill of making it more difficult.

As Michael H. Forde himself says, “the road to success is already under construction”, so, why make it harder than it needs to be? Learning how to be organized is one of the best things you can do for yourself, and it will help you immensely with success and other areas of your life. Smooth the road as much as you possibly can and do not be the one who steps on your own foot.

If you want to know more about “Success Begins From Where You Are!” and are as impressed as I am with the content, run to Amazon.com and get your own copy, or visit www.michaelhforde.com where you can learn more about Michael H. Forde and his work, get a copy of the book, and follow his own journey to greatness.

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