Microsoft Teams for Education introduces the School Connection mobile app

Microsoft Teams for Education introduces the School Connection mobile app

Microsoft has introduced a new School Connection feature to its Teams for Education service, aimed at providing parents with an enhanced means of monitoring their children’s academic progress.

Microsoft describes in-depth School Connection in a blog post. School Connection is intended exclusively for K–12 students to use on smartphones. Parents or legal guardians can use this feature to see the assignments that their children will be receiving from school.

They have the ability to view all of the assignments that are due, those that their children have already turned in, and any that may be past due.

The new School Connection feature enables parents and guardians of multiple students to monitor their academic progress and activities, regardless of their children’s attendance at different schools or grade levels.

Parents can start the process of getting their local schools to support School Connection by sending a link from Microsoft to the administrators of the school.

Not all Microsoft Teams for Education markets, including those in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region, currently offer School Connection.

Schools in those regions of the world can register on this website to indicate their interest in becoming a part of School Connection.

In October, Microsoft released the all-new Teams for Education app for Mac and Windows.

Since then, it has released several new features in November and the first part of December, such as the ability for teachers to get feedback from their students regarding their assignments and the ability for educators to reuse modules.

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