There will be significant updates to the Location History feature of Google Maps Timeline

There will be significant updates to the Location History feature of Google Maps Timeline

For Google Maps, Google unveiled a number of updates and features that will begin to appear in the upcoming weeks. The Timeline feature on Google Maps is going to undergo a significant update from the search giant.

According to Google, your device will immediately begin to store your Timeline and its associated data. Although the feature is not yet complete, users will be informed when the update begins to roll out on iOS and Android throughout the course of the upcoming year.

As a point of reference, Timeline is a personal map that documents the locations and paths you take. In addition, Google stated that the auto-delete feature for location history will default to three months. Location History must be enabled for the feature to function.

According to Google, you can choose to extend your auto-delete window or turn off the feature entirely if you want to keep your Timeline for a longer amount of time. Google Maps allows you to periodically backup an encrypted copy of the Timeline to your Google account, even though it will remain on your device. This allows you to restore data in the event that your phone is lost or to continue your Timeline on a different device.

In the upcoming weeks, Google Maps’ GPS location indicator—the blue dot—will become even more helpful. Among other things, it allows you to view nearby locations, share your location, and save parking spaces. However, more details will be included in a later update, such as whether or not your device has location access enabled and whether or not you have enabled location history.

Aside from that, you can access Google Maps directly and see all of your recent searches, directions, visits, and shares for a specific location. In the upcoming weeks, iOS and Android devices will begin to receive this feature, which allows users to remove activities connected to a location.

The most recent announcement was made shortly after Google Maps added a number of new features, including emoji reactions, improved transit navigation, and collaborative lists. Along with developing a number of AI features, the company recently launched Immersive View for Routes in a few global cities.

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