Mixedbyac, a Mix Engineer

Mixedbyac, a Mix Engineer

Music works as a therapy, and many people prove it. If we talk about music types, they are many, but people listen to music according to their tastes and moods. Sometimes, if you are not happy, you will start to listen to the light and sad songs, even you will choose the song which you don’t like in regular mode. On the same side, when you are happy, you will select jazz or rock music, but it’s all depends on the weather of your heart.

We know many people around who have some talents that make them prominent, among others. Most of the people also use the expertise of someone else and sell it on their behalf. So, if you have abilities that you want to showcase to the world, it is essential to find the authentic platform. Career making is a tough job because it contains many ups and downs; some people get depressed in this journey. Today, we will tell the story about the teenage boy who chooses his career at a very young age and makes his dream true at the age of 23. Let’s have a look at his life story.

Name of the artist: Anthony ‘Mixedbyac’ Carballo

Approximate Age: 23 year

Belongs to: Houston, Texas

By professional: Mix Engineer/DJ

Life story:

Anthony ‘Mixedbyac’ Carballo is a music mixing engineer from Houston, Texas. The music is an inspiration for him, and he follows it since he was a kid. At the age of 15, he started on some music with his friend’s help and found it interesting. It was the turning point of his life when he decides to continue with this profession.  It was not easy for a kid to carry his passion at a very young age, but surprisingly, he not only carry it but also works hard on it. Today, he is 23 years old, but he is successful in his aim. He wants to establish a studio where he can mix his music. 

Work story:

The high school student moved to Orlando for the sake of music. In the beginning, he didn’t have too much experience, but then he started working with a local recording studio and built that experience. here he got the chance to work with some known artists names in the industry. Named”

       •      SmokePurpp

       •      Tyla Yahweh

       •      Skyxxx

       •      Richysamo

After this job, he gained some experience in mixing and started freelancing. He’s been building his credibility ever since then. Now, this is just the beginning for him and he got a long road ahead of him but he’s ready for anything.

Social media access:

We have a bit of information about Mixedbyac, but his following want to know more about him. Therefore, we are bringing his accounts details so they can continue to follow him. You can follow him on Instagram: @mixedbyac and Twitter: @mixedbyac, but he has a personal website: www.mixedbyac.com, where you can check and get the download links and listen to his recent work. 

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