Mohammad Reza Moghadasi shows some paths leading to starting a promising startup

Mohammad Reza Moghadasi shows some paths leading to starting a promising startup

“I did not fail to gain experience, I have failed to rise stronger,”

Mohammad reza Moghadasi

Moghadasi has been experiencing failure over 3 years; however, not only he has never given up but also succeeded to reach the summit in his trade. All these triumphs are the outcomes of his determination and creativity.

“I ignore disreputably challenging industries, like the toy industry. There are so many people working in that field,” he explains. “You will have a more straightforward path approving your ideas if you focus on classes of products growing and receptive to open innovations.”

You do not have to re-invent the wheel if there is a lack of wheels. Moghadasi says: “Many people start profitable corporations after noticing a void in the market. Perhaps you see that there is a deficiency in high-quality sales outsourcing.” Since you have experience in sales growth and account management at early-stage sales companies, you might choose to offer this assistance to tech startups.

He added: “You do not always have to design brand-new products. If in some ways you offer an existing product at a less expensive point, better quality, or ideally both, you will attract plenty of customers.” As you live your regular life, list everything you use. Then check the list for something you are capable of improving. Link with other entrepreneurs: Use Meetup or Eventbrite to find occasions in the regional startup society. Communicating with other entrepreneurs will allow you to build beneficial relationships and give you many ideas. 

Do some research on patent applications: Patent applications are made public a couple of years after filing. Mohammad Moghadasi states that although we do not advise outright copying any inventions, exploring these documents can give you a good insight into where a particular area or industry is headed. Hold a brainstorming session: Invite three to five other entrepreneurial-minded people to a brainstorming meeting if you are willing to get your creative juices flowing. Ask everyone to prepare for discussing a specific product class or question, such as, “What is your favorite type of clothes and why?” or “Do you use anything to commute to your workplace? Why or why not?” The answers to such fundamental questions may lead to some great and unique ideas.

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