Money can’t bind your dreams, Says Raju Jangid

Money can’t bind your dreams, Says Raju Jangid

Energetic age is the exemplification of dreams and wants. Reality can be bizarre, to say the least for them and rebellion is something which they advance into themselves an occasion to time to break the circumstances of the overall population and rise out of the hurtful atmosphere.

Here presenting the best model for the youthful wannabes out there Raju Jangid also called Raju Ram was brought into the world on 8th May 1998 out of a little town named Thadiya in the Jodhpur district of Rajasthan and was raised there as well.

Wikipedia is a volunteer-made online encyclopedia, and editors who take up the task themselves expect a basic part in keeping this thing running. Wikipedia, basically in view of its English and other better-settled language transformations, is the 8th most visited site on earth.

However, Hindi also – a language of around 341 million basic and discretionary speakers, and has a total of 1.4 lakhs articles.

“I have been editing on Wikipedia for the last 5 years. And I ran over Wikipedia as an eighth standard understudy. I saw that the top eventual outcomes (of online journeys) would much of the time heave interfaces with this page,”

Jangid is from the region of Jodhpur, the name of both a city and a district in Rajasthan. He joined to get one of the colossal numbers of overall volunteers on Wikipedia in January 2015.

By means of figures, the English Wikipedia has 41 million editors who enrolled a username. And Hindi Wikipedia currently has 6 lakhs users and over 1.4 lakhs pages.

Raju Jangid who edited about 14 thousand by mobile, and has also made more than 500 articles. Currently, Raju is paying more attention to the cricket topic on Hindi Wikipedia. He has so far edited more than 57 thousand edits and created more than 1800 articles on Wikipedia.

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