Motorola India Unveils a Few Details About the Design of Its Upcoming Edge-Series Smartphone

Motorola India Unveils a Few Details About the Design of Its Upcoming Edge-Series Smartphone

A teaser video for Motorola India’s upcoming Edge series smartphone, which will make its debut in the country shortly, was released via the company’s official Twitter/X handle. Some of its design elements are also made visible in the teaser video.

Teased: Motorola’s New Edge Smartphone for the Indian Market

It was recently reported that Motorola planned to hold a launch event on April 3, 2024, early the following month in India. The tagline “Witness the Fusion of Art and Intelligence” was revealed in an image that was leaked. A few days ago, leaked render images of the Edge 50 Pro were also circulated online, leading some to theorize that this smartphone is what the company is keeping under wraps for its Indian clientele at the launch event.

Now, the brand’s Indian Twitter/X handle has shared this exciting news, but not everything about the launch event or the smartphone has been revealed, and the company is still keeping quiet. Based on the limited information provided, it appears that the upcoming smartphone belongs to the Edge series and will feature a rounded side panel, a leather-textured rear panel, and a curved-edge display. It is also possible to anticipate a Dark Blue color variation.

The brand has employed the same tagline and gadget will allow users to select both intelligence and art simultaneously, potentially alluding to AI capabilities and a visually appealing design language. Only the phrase “Coming Soon” has been used to indicate the launch date.

The BIS certification body of India has already granted the Motorola Edge 50 Pro smartphone certification. It has also obtained TDRA, FCC, and IMEI certifications. There are rumors that the Moto X50 Ultra is merely an upgraded model, and there are plans to release an Edge 50 Fusion as well.

Motorola has hinted at the Moto X50 Ultra being an AI smartphone. It is anticipated to sport specifications such as a 6.7-inch display screen, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, 12GB of RAM, and a refresh rate of 165Hz. Its anticipated launch date is possibly April 21, 2024.

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