Mpr Riche Rich Remains Dedicated to the Money Power & Respect

Mpr Riche Rich Remains Dedicated to the Money Power & Respect

Mpr Riche Rich has decided to go back to the basics. As often imitated as he’s been over the past few years, Rich has made it pretty clear that he has no love for those who gave none to his campaign. To him, he has given more to others than they will ever be able to give him back in his lifetime. It’s not too far from the truth. What Rich has in charisma has been aped on numerous occasions by other rap acts, some far more inferior than the next. Biting one’s tongue has never been of much value in the book of Rich Commandments. While there may be small glimmers of vulnerability, they are quickly blocked out with Extreme work ethic, love for the game and dedication.

In a year when everybody thought he fell off or he lost a piece of himself, Rich really was just preparing himself for a comeback. He always had what it takes it’s just he needed some time off to handle personal life situations. Those stories are displayed in all his new music like never before. He puts his heart and sole on every beat no matter how it’s coming he lets it out. It spills out into that spastic, almost uncontrollable bar-stack style he does on a few occasions. When he tries to confront himself, though, Mpr Riche Rich is one of the best bar-droppers within city limits!

Instagram: mpr_riche_rich

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