Music Artist Goosyloosy: A New Face to EDM

Goosyloosy is the name of the new shining music star who lies in the heart of EDM fans. It has not taken him long to become a household name in the EDM industry. It is hard to ignore his success and love for music.
The rising star has worked with multiple top music artists including but not limited to the names Afroman and Jack Harlow.
He is best known by his artist name Goosyloosy, but his real name is Almayehu Nigussie. He already has a tremendous fan following with his incredible ability to compose sensational music.
The attention of crowds at music festivals is captured by his exceptional compositions and talents. A variety of music festivals and concerts have already been scheduled for Goosyloosy. His fans will be thrilled to hear he will be playing at the Gulf Coast Jam in Panama City Beach, where he is currently located.
Goosyloosy’s main goal right now is to be able to headline EDC Orlando. In my opinion, a great opener is something that gets the audience pumped up, and this is exactly what he does.
His upbringing wasn’t a common one, it was a long road filled with challenges and ups and downs. When he was young, he did not grow up with money. His single mother and older brother supported him as he worked hard to make a name for himself in the music industry.
The phase was a Kickstarter for his career in music-making.
The most impressive thing about this passionate artist is that he’s also a co-founder of a non-profit organization called Ethio Makarios that educates kids to learn more about the outdoors and music. He has also served in the Air Force for six years, while traveling with the military he performed at several local clubs and bars.
Goosyloosy has always been fascinated and passionate about the world of music. At a young age, he dreamed of becoming a DJ and getting recognized. He is embarking on his journey to winning the hearts of all his fans.
The magic tip for his fans by him is – Don’t stop! Follow your dreams and work hard.
There are currently plans for a brand-new single from Goosyloosy, which will likely be a huge hit. In addition to Waka flaka flame, baddiesonly, and Jack Harlow, he has opened up to many artists. We are eagerly anticipating hearing the new track. Are you excited?
With Goosyloosy’s excitement, drive, passion, and expertise, his music will reach new heights, and his fans will be enthralled for years to come. If you’re a fan of electronic dance music, look at Goosyloosy’s Instagram account. His music is astounding, and you can discover more about him here.
Facebook, YouTube, and Apple Music are the other social media accounts he uses. Be sure to follow him on all social media sites to stay up to date on his new music.
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