Nailah Blackman all set to release her latest single titled ‘Best Friend’

Nailah Blackman all set to release her latest single titled ‘Best Friend’

The song delves deep into the relationship of a friend who makes life easy for you, and always have their shoulders to lean upon in times of distress.

Music is a very powerful medium that can give strong messages on various aspects of life. Nailah Blackman is one singer who has amalgamated the deep meaning of friendship through her song titled ‘Best Friend’, which is all set to release on 28th of July. One can beautifully come out with meaningful lyrics which directly touch hearts, and that’s what she has done through this single, which will strike a deep connect with the listeners for sure. We ask her about this latest single of hers, and what inspired her to come out with such a concept which brings forward the beautiful relationship shared between two friends.

Nailah responded by saying, “friends hold a special place in everyone’s lives, and we all have that one special friend with whom we share our deepest of secrets and always have their support when you need it the most. There are no expectations in such relationships and that special friend accepts you the way you are, loving you unconditionally. This song is a tribute to such relationships, which are pure and thrive with time.” Nailah also reveals that the single is inspired by her best friend, who has always walked hand in hand with her, throughout.

She says that artists have to go through a lot of flak, as some like their work, while some scrutinize them at every given point of time, which can prove to be disastrous for an artists’ confidence. She herself has gone through the bad patches where she lost hope in herself, and that’s when her friend came along, as a strong support system who encouraged her to get up and move forward, never get distracted and always stay focussed to achieve her goals. She admits that her friend has been a lifesaver in disguise who helped her build her confidence and jump back into the game again.

Speaking about the song, Nailah says that the song sounds like a fusion of pop and folk, whereas it has the rhythmic structure of Zess music, which has taken over the Caribbean ever since the pandemic struck the globe. Produced by Team Salut from the UK, who came to Trinidad for Nailah to showcase her talent in front of the world, looking at her singing skills and deep knowledge about music. Nailah is confident that her song will strike the right chord, and touch listeners hearts, for sure.

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