OZ Clement Knight: This Serial Entrepreneur is an Inspiration to Many

OZ Clement Knight: This Serial Entrepreneur is an Inspiration to Many

Clement Knight is a trusted proprietary strategist and entrepreneur who has utilized Micro and Macro trends to develop top-of-mind solutions for big and small companies, private equity firms, business owners, and investment banking firms alike. He holds more than 25 years of combined experience in the financial services industry as a securities principal, stockbroker, forex trader, business funder and consultant & an overall entrepreneur. His extensive knowledge and outstanding capabilities have given him the ability to offer practical strategies for a broad spectrum of businesses seeking an edge over the market. By adeptly utilizing today’s ever-changing business climate, Mr. Knight continues to help his clients grow their businesses and assets through profits gained from understanding current conditions and then using analytical skills to discover the optimum path toward success.

Mr. Knight whose roots belong to Panama was born in Brooklyn, New York. Mr. Knight has shown himself to be a truly valuable man in the world of entrepreneurship and business endeavours. Mr. Knight’s philosophy is one that encourages a classic investment approach – instead of focusing on the present, you should look at the big picture: What will be profitable in the long run? That’s what his advice boils down to and it’ll give any aspiring entrepreneur a good base for success in their own endeavours. While your decisions might not always land you in warm waters, we have to remember not to live with regrets, but rather choose our battles wisely as plans may change at any time!

Currently running Ozmarq Holdings Limited, a venture fund management company known for managing private wealth and making the right investments. Ozmarq Holdings Ltd is the manager of OHL Ventures Fund, his private equity venture capital fund. This fund is for accredited investors only and provides investments into late-stage private companies before they come public. Ozmarq also oversees Private Debt offerings with a steady rate of return for income-seeking investors who wish to invest in short-term high-yield investment opportunities. His cryptocurrency index fund Sova Digital is also making crypto investments accessible to people.

Mr. Knight has managed offices of Supervisory Jurisdiction with over 30 licensed representatives at one point. He has trained developed and sponsored many successful financial consultants. Created presentations training and marketing materials for his staff of brokers. He organized seminars related to product recognition and organization in the branches he supervised. Mr. Knight was responsible for hiring administrative personnel, interns, broker trainees, and licensed representatives. He oversaw all expenses for his branch offices, including financial records and budgeting. All while maintaining and building his personal clients assets.

Mr. Knight is a recipient of the Annual Diamond Achiever Award for Top Producing Brokers. In addition to this honour, he also holds series 7, 24, and 63 securities licenses.
Being a deeply invested entrepreneur, Mr. Knight also takes interest in philanthropy and charity works as he is well connected to his community and is dedicated to their betterment. It is for the same betterment of people that he is concerned about which makes him teach personal finance to the urban youth population.
You can follow Mr. Knight on Instagram here: @therealtheoz, @fboinvestments

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