NFL owners postpone decision on implementing a 17-game regular season

NFL owners postpone decision on implementing a 17-game regular season

NFL owners have deferred a choice on implementing a 17-game normal season for 2021.

During a video chat consider Wednesday that supplanted the standard December social occasion of proprietors in Dallas, they picked to push back any proceed onward the extended season until right off the bat in 2021. The NFL and the players’ association concurred during aggregate bartering talks recently to add one customary season game to the timetable, yet not before next season.

“We had a lengthy discussion on this. Obviously, it’s an important decision for us,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said. “We did not take any votes with respect to committing to do it. In the collective bargaining agreement, we have that right to do it.”

A planning recipe for a seventeenth game was endorsed consistently: an interconference matchup, in light of divisional standings from the previous season and on a turning divisional premise. The thought is to encourage serious reasonableness, make extra an incentive through quality matchups and protect the objectivity of the planning cycle, the NFL said.

“It obviously comes into play with respect with our future media arrangements that we obviously are contemplating,” Goodell said of the scheduling. “We expect a decision will be made on that in the next several weeks.”

During the gathering, the issue of the preseason was raised, with the conversation focusing on whether there should be a decrease in games. Sources disclosed to ESPN’s Seth Wickersham that Goodell appeared to be supportive of shortening the preseason from four games to two yet that a gathering of ground-breaking proprietors – New England’s Robert Kraft, Dallas’ Jerry Jones, the New York Giants’ John Mara and Pittsburgh’s Art Rooney II – excused the thought. Proprietors contended that a decrease to three preseason games may work yet not two. No vote was taken, and the timetable stayed unaltered.

Goodell recognized that playing through the pandemic has given a lot of exercises and said the NFL will consult with the NFL Players Association after the Super Bowl to examine 2020 measures that may bode well to keep in a post-COVID-19 scene.

Changes deserving of additional thought incorporate parts of the virtual NFL draft, the instructional course acclimation period, extended practice crews and limitless callbacks from harmed save.

“This has been a period of learning,” Goodell said. “I think it’s forced us to think differently and innovate, and we’ll look at that and see how we implement it going forward.”

The proprietors additionally endorsed the Tennessee Titans realigning possession, with Amy Adams Strunk remaining the essential proprietor. Goodell said the issue should be finished before the finish of December.

“I think it strengthens our ownership in a way that is very positive,” Goodell said.

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