Novan: An ace singer and passionate composer who is ready and set to spread his magic in the music industry

Striking the right chord in the hearts of listeners with many back to back mammoth hits is Mohammad Asgari aka Novan.

The onset of the 21st century has seen the birth of many new artistic fields who has created umpteen number of work and livelihood opportunities. The entertainment and music industry as an niche sector has been at the forefront of many dynamic changes and digital transformation. People now have great variety in choosing different music platforms and streams to listen to their songs. With never ending competition across the music niche, the next gen music professional is bound to experiment with different taste of music making and singing in order to woo the current audiences. Let’s read about one rising superstar of the music realm garnering much love, fame, and recognition among millions of audiences- Novan.

Born on 14th February 1986 in Tehran, Iran, Mohammad Asgari aka Novan was naturally drawn towards the art and craft of music making and singing since an tender age. But he knew that the road to success will not be an rosy one, he will have to work his heart out and sweat it hard honing his musical skills and expertise. He polished his music craft with long hours of practice to master his work. With music industry always welcoming the young hard-working talent, his unique creativity and music skills is highly acknowledge by the industry peers as well. His mesmerizing voice coupled with tuneful and blissful music creations has been one of the best package that the audiences could ever get. 

Today, Novan is one of the finest singers and music composers in Iran who is gaining tremendous momentum across the global music world as well. All of his tracks have topped the chart for weeks. His songs like Berim darya, Mage mishe, Fereshtey, Khiaboonaye shahr, Dosam dari, Ajab baroonieh, Eshgham salam, and Karma have broken many records and have been at the #1 spot for many time.

We hope that Novan continues his magical run and entertains many more people going ahead in time. You can too listen all of his songs on Spotify @ https://open.spotify.com/artist/67IktH1ypxixwDpLDm6ZFB and follow him on Instagram @novan.music.

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