Omer Landau, as the “Face of Israel’s boxing,” has turned people’s heads across the world with his wins

The young pro boxer is all about his grit, commitment, passion, and endurance in the boxing ring.

To have the vision to make it huge in any industry today is no walk in the park; it can challenge people at every step of the way; however, there have been a few rare gems who not only had the vision to achieve something in life but also made every possible effort to get going and breaking norms in their respective industries to achieve their desired success. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such young talent in the world of sports and specifically in pro boxing; he is Omer Landau, the one who has to his name only wins and the one who won those matches with first-round knockouts.

Omer Landau is a top pro boxer from Israel who is now looking forward to creating global recognition for himself with his skills and talents in boxing. After training with incredible sporting talents like Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, and Miguel Cotto, he has never stopped working towards excelling in his craft as a pro boxer, representing Israel. Today, he is considered as the “Face of Israel’s boxing,” which is a huge recognition given to him, looking at the wins he has achieved thus far in his career as a 23-year-old.

He recalls how he fell in love with boxing at a very young age and would train with his uncle as a kid. At 12 years, he would participate in amateur boxing championships, which he continued till 20 years, and while being an amateur boxer, he even secured second place in the European Amateur Boxing Championships. He then entered the professional world of boxing in Israel and, since then, has never looked back. Today, he is a US resident and has been trained at legendary clubs and gyms and with many other pro boxers in the field. He would do closed training sessions with members of the Mayweather family like Floyd Mayweather Jr, Floyd Mayweather Sr, and Uncle Rogers. Today as a pro boxer, he represents Israel in the US and European boxing championships. 

Not just in boxing, he has risen as a compassionate being who loves speaking out against social issues like racism. He is an entrepreneur who owns a private hospital in Israel named Herzliya Medical Center and also a fitness center Friends Tzoran. He looks unstoppable in all his ventures.

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