Orange County’s Best Kept Secret: Zulymar “Zu” Velazquez

Orange County’s Best Kept Secret: Zulymar “Zu” Velazquez

There’s a name that you need to know in Orange County. A name that has been making waves across various platforms, a name that encapsulates sheer talent, versatility, and resilience. That name is Zulymar “Zu” Velazquez and this won’t be the last time you hear that name.

Unleashing Zulymar “Zu” Velazquez’s Talent:

Zulymar “Zu” Velazquez is a gifted young talent, with an enviable breadth of basketball skills. Hailing from New Jersey and now making her mark in Orange County, she’s earned a reputation as a true variety player at just 14 years of age. Her prowess on the basketball court as well, where she’s known to play big and has earned the co-sign of renowned wnba basketball player, Candace Parker. She’s also carved out a niche for herself as a social media influencer in the basketball world, commanding a significant following. Her versatile talent is a testament to her passion and drive, demonstrating that she’s well beyond her time. Yet, what is most admirable about Velazquez is her fearlessness. With performance, or game, she strides forward with a confident determination that is both captivating and inspiring. This isn’t simply a showcase of her talent; it’s a manifestation of Velazquez’s unwavering spirit, forever pushing the boundaries of her potential.

A Brief Look into Zulymar Velazquez’s Background:

Zulymar, is the youngest of six. Her parents, Antonio and Ginette, relocated to California almost eight years ago. Apparently, sports run in the family, as her three brothers and cousins all played sports—basketball, baseball, and football—played by her youngest brother, Anthonie. When she was young, her family took the bold step of moving to Orange County, California. Since then, this is where she has been fearlessly exploring her athletic ambitions and honing her skills. This cross-cultural journey, with its challenges and opportunities, has provided Zulymar with a unique perspective and enriched her hooping experience. Whether on the basketball court, or on social media, she has consistently demonstrated her adaptability and her ability to connect with diverse audiences. As she continues to evolve as an athlete, her Puerto Rican/Cuban heritage remains a guiding force and an endless source of inspiration.

What the Future Holds for Zulymar “Zu” Velazquez:

As we look ahead, it’s impossible not to be excited about the prospects that lie before Zulymar “Zu” Velazquez. The sheer expanse of her abilities, coupled with the passionate pursuit of her craft, certainly points towards a promising path in the sports industries. Each new day brings with it the opportunity for her to further refine her skills and explore uncharted territories, to make an even bigger mark in the world of entertainment and beyond. As she continues on her remarkable journey, Zulymar Velazquez will undeniably remain a beacon of inspiration for aspiring young talents everywhere.

School: Northwood Highschool

Sport: Women’s Basketball

Year: Freshman | Class of 2027

Coach: Park Glezman (Head Coach), Brittany Hale (Assistant Coach) & Justen Lee (Assistant Coach)

Zulymar Social Media:

IG: @ZulyVelaz

X: @ZulyVelaz

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@zulyvelaz

(Photo Credit: Alexei Tolkachev, @oneinamillionshot)


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