Ox Billy is one of the best singers of the whole New York

Ox Billy is one of the best singers of the whole New York

Born on 13th April 1982, Ox Billy (Keith K smalls) is a Jamaican Rapper associated with the field of music. He stepped in the music sphere in 2001 and has successfully invested his time and efforts to get a good life, audience and business for himself. He has given many hit releases to his audience and to the people who love to listen Hip Hop music.

Giving hits like Andale, proud to be a gangsta, Run It Up has made Ox Billy’s name in the list of the best rappers of the whole New York. Making a group with NY Streets and his buddy called the “Kasket Boys” wasn’t easy for him. He met a lot of people during his journey but he had to choose the people with the right knowledge and taste of music and finally when the Kasket Boys was formed Ox Billy got his move. While singing and delivering all his rap songs with the group and with other artists he always uses the sign as “Kasket Boys (Ox Billy)”. Keeping the group’s name in front of his name and giving fabulous performances is the reason how Ox Billy is taking Kasket Boys to their level best.

He even hit hard times when he released his songs but none of his songs got fame and love. Ox Billy is a hard working soul, he loves to shut his haters mouths not by punching them in their face but by his singing skills.

Not even this, He encourages people and show them the right path by making and uploading motivational videos on his social media. Billy’s audience loves his content and behavior as he’s a down to earth man who not only uploads marvellous songs for his audience but also tell and help people about what they can do in their hard times. Ox Is soon going to upload his upcoming project “Rap Titan” with DJ Kay Slay.
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